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Buying Office Space in Greater Noida

Noida is a well-known and fast populating planned township in the National Capital Region. The real estate in Greater Noida has seen a phenomenal change in the past few years. Investors and buyers are increasingly buying Office Space in Greater Noida for investment and self-use purposes. Since Greater Noida is adjacent to Noida, it can take leverage of its location. Since Noida is a commercial and IT hub with many companies setting shop here, demand for properties in Greater Noida has also risen. All the population influx taking place towards Noida is being catered to by Greater Noida too. 

The property market in the NCR region has flourished a lot in the past few years. When Delhi got overcrowded and the real estate rates reached unaffordable heights, people looked out for areas that could offer affordable living spaces. At this juncture, areas like Greater Noida came into great prominence. Greater Noida not only offers great residential and commercial real estate options but its advantage is that it is close to Delhi and adjacent to Noida. 

Global Business Square

Builders and property developers took notice of the rising demand in the area quite early and invested in real estate here at the right time. All major builders have their townships coming up in Greater Noida like GBS Noida. A lot of commercial activity is also taking place in Greater Noida with campuses of many big companies being set. With such fast development happening here, it has shed the tag of an old city and is coming up as a modern city that holds the promise of a world-class lifestyle. A lot of infrastructure development is also taking place in the area. 

Because of all these reasons, the property market in Greater Noida is flourishing at an unprecedented pace. Both residential property and commercial property are growing with a rocket speed. Even then, the demand is outstripping the supply leading to an increase in rental and property prices. Another reason that has led to rising property prices in Greater Noida is its pollution-free environment. The authorities do not allow polluting industries to set their establishments in Graeter Noida. There are dedicated laboratories for measuring the air quality and ensuring that it is pollution-free. Thus, it offers green spaces to live in. 

Global Business Square

Since a lot of high-end users are choosing to stay in Greater Noida because of its strategic location, quality constructions are coming up in the residential market of Greater Noida. The improving infrastructure like wide roads, proper underground cabling and the excellent drainage system has added to the value of properties in Greater Noida. There are also several Top Property in Greater Noida such as shopping avenues boasting of world-class brands and excellent services that make Greater Noida an attractive destination for investors. 

The escalating prices in Greater Noida have made it a golden investment option for investors. Property rates in Greater Noida range between Rs 2,400-2,800 per sq ft m. In the adjacent Noida, the rate of the built-up property is no less than Rs. 3.500 per sq ft. Land rates in Greater Noida hang between Rs 16,000 – 22,000 per sq m as against Rs 35,000 – 65,000 per sq m in Noida. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta are the premium and well-settled sectors in Greater Noida have the going rates for land between Rs 16,000 – Rs 18,000. After these sectors come P3 and Swarna Nagri. In these sectors, property prices are slightly high. 

Global Business Square

For commercial establishments, Greater Noida offers an attractive value proposition for Commercial Office Space in Noida. The IT and the ITES sector have set foot here. These sectors are driving the office market in Greater Noida and account for a major portion of the overall office absorption. 

Greater Noida has upped its investment quotient as its connectivity is improving. There are plans to build an international airport in Greater Noida and also connect it by Metro Railway. Then there is Taj Expressway, which is an extension of the 6 lane Expressway from Noida to Greater Noida up to Agra. The Taj Expressway provides direct access to the Taj Economic Zone, International Airport and the Aviation hub coming up along the expressway. Also, there are plans to develop a Night Safari in the city to create awareness about the environment & ecology. This will also provide a source for recreation to residents and to boost tourism in Greater Noida. All this will further augment Greater Noida as a premier tourist destination. 

Thus, for all those looking to invest in the NCR region, Greater Noida is a good and viable option. It offers world-class living at affordable prices. Commercial Property for Sale in Greater Noida are fast developing. Commercial land, as well as private land, is selling like hot cakes in Greater Noida. The authorities are also taking care that it develops as a planned township and attracts buyers for self-use properties and investment options. 

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Office Space in Greater Noida – Get Competitive Edge Over Competitors

Lower property rates and world-class infrastructure has made Noida the first preference of small and mid-sized businesses in the country. The biggest victory is that it has made a special place for itself despite huge competition from neighbouring towns like Delhi and Gurgaon.
There must be something unique or specific about Noida what convinces the businessmen to invest money in the area.

There is a huge demand for Office Space in Greater Noida. The affordability aspect makes it possible even for smaller business units to buy commercial property. They have the assurance of getting a higher return in the long run, apart from securing money. The only thing they need to be careful about is the location. They should spend some time doing the homework to avoid any chances of getting it wrong in the end.

Global Business Square

Office space in Noida vs. other markets

There are more chances that entrepreneurs would invest money in Noida than any other market in NCR. They can invest money at comparatively lower rates in Noida. They also know that Commercial Property in Noida offer better facilities in the region.
The development of smart cities has brought it in competition with the top cities in the world. It has started representing India in the world community as far as the real estate sector is concerned. Another interesting part is that investors can invest in both affordable and luxury projects depending on what section of the market they’re targeting.

Global Business Square

Invest in brand image

Running business operations from one of the premium business centres would add to the popularity of a company. It does not only strengthen the brand image but also plays a big part in finding potential clients. It is the reason why institutional investors put money in Commercial office space in Noida. They develop business centres knowing top companies would prefer to buy commercial space.
You would find some of the top companies operating from these business centres. They find it to be the right option to buy commercial space in Noida. It is the location, better facilities article Submission, affordable rates and future growth prospect what makes it a complete package.

The first-time buyers who are not comfortable with the idea of buying commercial space in Noida without any knowledge of legal paperwork should take the services of a real estate agent. They would be able to save money in the long run. The most important thing is that they would have peace of mind and assurance of knowing they’ve invested money in the right project.
Entrepreneurs should invest in Commercial Property for Sale in Greater Noida to run operations from one of the top commercial business centres in the country.

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The Most Reasonable Office Spaces in Global Business Square Greater Noida

Whether you are looking for an executive office or corporate office space in Greater Noida, there are several rental options available to you. By choosing the best alternative, you will be simply starting your business venture at the heart of Noida. If you looking to play safe, and want to find reasonable fully furnished executive office space and corporate office space, Global business Square in Greater Noida is a completely best option for you. A specific interior plan can be changed; most of the office owners are more than happy for opting this on a time frame schedule. You have a ready to move in space, costs are reasonable and less time is vanished. This means less uncreative hours lost. Global Business Square where all kinds of fit-outs are in excellent condition. They are green, peaceful, beautifully constructed, have various luxuries options such as golf course, Jacuzzi, gym, swimming pool and many more.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

You can find Most Reasonable Office Spaces in GBS Noida in two ways – first help from a real estate broker or through internet searching. In both the alternatives, you need to inculcate your business expertise to make a profitable deal.

Let’s talk about the second option. Nowadays internet search medium is very popular because of most of the service providers available 24*7. If you can manage to give some time, these options are meant to help you lot in getting a feasible and convenient office space in Global Business Square Greater Noida. With connectivity reaching new destinations, any place in Greater Noida is not far away. So, no matter which location you choose, the main things are that it must consider your nature of business.

Global Business Square is an epitome of perfection blended with style. This commercial suite will provide the business owners with ultra-modern Shop Space in Greater Noida, which shall reflect the markets of the future. The project is designed to be a landmark, surrounded by busiest markets with abundant opportunities for economic growth for every sector.

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Global Business Square Noida – A Preferred Destination

Over the last one year, the Delhi NCR region has witnessed a great number of residential projects being constructed and the market speculation is that the growth will continue in the same pace for the next two to three years. According to a report, the year 2008 will have the maximum number of residential projects completed. The Delhi NCR region has shown a quantum growth in the last few years. Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and now Greater Noida is poised to even grow more.

Noida real estate or Noida properties could not have it better. Five properties in Noida, including three industrial and two residential properties, have been auctioned at a whopping price of Rs. 14.4 Crores, four times their original reserve price. Global Business Square Noida properties or property rates in Noida and Gurgaon and other NCR’s have moved up by close to 30% in a year. Apartment prices in Noida today range from Rs. 3000 per sq ft. to Rs. 4000 per sq ft. depending on the facilities available.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

Noida from being just yet another city in Uttar Pradesh has become an important destination for companies as well as people who want to lead a quality life. People who felt cramped in Delhi moved to Noida and soon Noida was the hottest spot for residential property at a much cheaper price than Delhi but a better life. Noida property market started to look up with various companies also moving in to open offices due to lack of space and high property rates in Delhi.

GBS Noida property news is only getting better with the fast-emerging township of Greater Noida. Noida and Greater Noida are very well connected to Delhi. The DND flyover makes commuting time from Delhi to Noida extremely short and convenient and once the metro rail makes its way to Noida it can only get better. Greater Noida is extremely well connected by the eight-lane expressway which takes only 20 minutes to travel to Noida.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

Greater Noida also boasts of being the only city in North India with privatized power distribution which ensures efficient and uninterrupted power supply. An international airport is also coming up in Greater Noida. Tourism is a also expected to boom as work on Taj expressway has started, linking Agra to Delhi via Noida and Greater Noida.

The infrastructure in Greater Noida is expected to match any similar world-class township. Apartments in Greater Noida have already seen a steep price rise. Prices in Greater Noida have skyrocketed so much in the last year that it is now practically beyond the reach of the common man.

Noida properties and properties in Global Business Square Greater Noida are great options to invest and with the new greater Noida Phase II, all set to launch the new township, the Noida property news is getting hotter and lucrative day by day.

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Global Business Square Greater Noida : The Nerve Center of Affordable Real Estate

Previously known as Noida Extension, Greater Noida West is rising as the nerve center of affordable housing in the National Capital Region (NCR). Due to the high rate of immigration into the urban areas, the need for 1 BHK Flats for Sale in Greater Noida is on an all-time high record. Sensing the need for homes that can offer a comfortable lifestyle that is also within the reach of middle-class buyers, developers are increasingly coming up with affordable Real Estate projects in Greater Noida.

To get a better understanding of why this locality is becoming the hub of modern affordable homes and office spaces in NCR, let us answer the following questions:

Global Business Square Greater Noida

What is the state of infrastructure development in Greater Noida West?

The locality is spread over a vast area and is very close to Noida Sector 121. Knowledge Park and Techzone IV are also easily accessible. This is the main reason why this location is gaining popularity as a hub of 1 BHK and 2 BHK Apartments for Sale and commercial properties in Global Business Square Greater Noida. The three main facets of a city’s infrastructure are- water, road and power, and all three of these are swiftly laid out by the municipal authorities of the region. The place is already connected to Delhi through Noida via the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. More connectivity options are rapidly coming up in and around the location. The extension of Delhi metro to the far-off areas of Greater Noida will further improve the growth prospects of its localities.

What is the state of real estate activity in the micro-market?

More than 75 different developers have thronged the developable area of this micro-market. And the majority of these builders are offering 1 BHK Flats for Sale. Over the next 4-5 years, about 2.5 lakh residential units will be delivered that would house more than 10 Lakh people. The planned development of the city has resulted in an immaculate layout, wide roads and ample greenery for the city. Attracted by the healthy and peaceful living, buyers are highly interested in investing in the region.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

What is the average price range of properties in the area?

As mentioned above, a larger fraction of properties in the region falls in the affordable housing bracket. It is difficult for an average buyer to afford a 2 BHK flat in the main city of Global Business Square Noida, but the prevailing rates for such projects in this region range between Rs 2,600 per sq ft and Rs 3,500 per sq ft.

How much value appreciation can be expected in the locality?

Those who invested in Real Estate for Sale in Greater Noida about 5-10 years ago say that the property values have appreciated by 15%. Some areas also experienced a value appreciation of 25%. Over the coming few years, the values are going to multiply manifolds. So, those who have put money on GBS Noida projects must stay invested.

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Advantages of investing in Global Business Square Greater Noida

Greater Noida is managed and controlled by Greater New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (GNOIDA). The city was created under the UP Industrial Area Development Act. As we all know that Noida is considered to be one of the more modern cities of Uttar Pradesh State of India.

One more thing about it is that Global Business Square Noida is a major hub for multinational firms outsourcing IT services. Much large software and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies have their offices in the city. So that we can conclude that Noida is the city where commercial office space and property of big companies exist. In it, many companies have their Indian branch offices.

Global Business Square

These are all about Greater Noida the IT city of India. And now I am describing here some of the advantages of investing in Greater Noida property.

  1. Property has proved a secure investment over the past decade in Noida, with returns above 15 percent. therefore by investing in Noida, we can earn at least a 12 percent return on investment.
  2. The second advantage of investing in Noida real estate is that its values have experienced an increase in its value for the last several years and this increase in the value of the property is due to the increasing demand for real estate in Global Business Square Greater Noida. So that we can conclude that if at present we invest in property of Noida it is almost sure that we will get appreciation shortly
  3. As we all know the property of Noida is in great demand because Greater Noida is a hub of IT and commercial office of big companies, that’s why its property can be improved to garner a better price and more profit when you do choose to liquidate it as an investment.
  4. By having property or commercial office in GBS Noida we gain pride and reputation of having a business office in Greater Noida because of the Greater Noida lucrative market and it is considered to be a modern city in India.

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Investment in Global Business Square Greater Noida Real Estate

The real estate sector in Noida is busting at the seams, the prominent reason being a migration of people from Delhi who are trying desperately trying to make it their permanent residence. As a part of Uttar Pradesh, Noida has been quite familiar with the problems prevailing in the state. Despite all, the individuals who have shifted their base to Noida witness to live a splendid life.

Property prices in Noida, both commercial as well as residential, certainly have a clear edge over the other nearby cities as far as the relative proximity to Delhi is concerned. Excellent connectivity by roads and Metro and other civic infrastructure have certainly made it one of the better cities in the Delhi NCR region. Also, Global Business Square Noida is benefiting hugely from the modern generation of young and well-earning professionals who are making Noida, the highest income tax paying district in UP.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

Real estate and hospitality giants are also poised over Noida. Many prominent names in both the domestic and international hospitality sector are to initiate exclusive five-star hotel projects in Greater Noida.

With the continuing outbreak of IT and ITES development in Noida, we have witnessed a significant growth of the population in the city. Hence, with the fast-paced growth of the multinational companies in the real estate market, the Global Business Square Greater Noida commercial property has also developed at a phenomenal pace. The increasing demand has undeniably resulted in the expected appreciation of the Noida residential real estate market, thereby making it one of the most preferable options for real estate investment.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

Reasons for Investment in Noida Residential Property

• It has been already mentioned that one of the major causes for the development of the residential real estate property market is the recent development of the corporate and the industrial sectors in the past few years. Every year witnesses the advent of hundreds of professionals who come to this city for job purposes. This, in turn, has to lead to an increase in demand for the residential units thereby paving the way to the development of structures and society looking for a modern lifestyle.

• Due to the recent surge in Noida residential property prices, investors find it to be a lucrative option to invest their capital and get assured high profits in return. The bug of property investment has bitten scores of people across Delhi and the NCR region looking to buy residential units in Noida.

• Noida is close to the national capital Delhi, and is a well planned residential township, thereby turning into one of the favorite hot spots for NRI investment. The expected Foreign Direct Investment in the coming time has been estimated to be around 30,000 crores, a mind-boggling investment in terms of money. The non-resident Indians don’t mind purchasing luxurious retreats, making it as their second home in the regions close to the national capital like Noida.

Several residential real estate projects in Noida are located in sectors 14, 15, 27, 28, 29 and 37. Among these residential properties, a majority of them are dwelling units while the others are the ones located in sector 44 as group housing projects.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

A wide range of GBS Noida residential property can be located from flats/apartments, independent houses, luxury bungalows, villas to penthouses. To beat their competitors, each of the real estate developers makes use of their best available expertise to come up with innovative projects and villas.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Property-Global Business Square

The cost of property in metropolitan cities is quite heavy. Due to urbanization multiple job opportunities are rising in the capital and surrounded area. The people from neighborhood villages or towns are moving towards the Delhi and National Capital Region. So the demand of property is increasing in the capital.

Every person wants to buy their own property or house in the metropolitan city. Now a day’s real estate investment is the hottest deal in terms of earning profit in limited span of time. This investment can be categorized as long and short term investment as per the availability of capital.

The investment might be risky if it is not done on the right time. Property study is the most important thing while investing. Due to lack of information any one can lost the opportunity of property investment. This industry counts as the most expensive in the market and any one need to be very careful while choosing right property in Global Business Square Delhi-NCR.

Global Business Square

Many of the property developers are available in Delhi and NCR. Due to good employment opportunities the surrounded region of National Capital such as Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad are also growing rapidly. The property rate of NCR is comparatively low than the capital.

The rate of property, locality and amenities around the premises are responsible while preparing budget for property. Many options are available for property such as flats, apartments, villas, plots, bungalow and many more. The commercial properties are also available in Delhi and National Capital Region. Especially Noida, Global Business Square Greater Noida and Ghaziabad are offering affordable houses and flats that can be in the budget of common man also.

Many real estate developers are following the trend of modern edge with innovative infrastructure and good construction quality. Many ideas are rising for residential, commercial as well as for township projects in the sector of real estate.

Global Business Square

There are many things to follow while purchasing property in Delhi-NCR:

• Registration of the real estate developer

• Legal property that follows government rules

• Connectivity by road and metro

• Parking space within the premises

• Availability of healthcare and other services

• Water and electricity supply

• Availability of open space, greenery, sunlight, and fresh air

• Children’s park

• Availability of good security, power backup, elevators

Eventually property prize comes with many hidden charges. So please keep eye on such things and make it clear at the time of dealing. Little awareness about Gbs Noida property can save the money and anyone can get a best deal as per the budget.

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